SiteSphere Buyer – Requisitions and sourcing made easy

SiteSphere Supplier is fast establishing itself in the PunchOut catalog market as a ready-to-go solution for connecting suppliers to eProcurement networks and services. SiteSphere provideintegrated PunchOut cataloguesin the UK and across Europe using the Ariba, cXML, Oracle iProcurement and SAP OCI methods.

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of SiteSphere Buyer. This enables your buying staff to easily create requisitions (and then purchase orders) with products from multiple suppliers powered by Ariba and cXML. Hundreds of thousands of suppliers will be available to SiteSphere Buyer with many pre-loaded ready to use.

There are so many reasons to choose SiteSphere Buyer. A single view of your supplier’s catalogues in one easy-to-use Buyer portal. Unlimited suppliers. Ready-to-go support for punchout-enabled vendors using Ariba, Oracle iProcurement, SAP and eProcurement networks. No software. Cloud-based. UK Support Team.

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