Why catalog360 is the right solution for you

Many large organisations use Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software.

It is increasingly a requirement of these companies that their suppliers must provide an eCatalog that is able to connect to their purchasing software using either the Ariba Supplier Network, SAP Open catalog Interface (OCI) or other cXML-compatible methods. catalog 360 is a proven ready-to-go PunchOut e-commerce solution, which enables suppliers to connect their store directly to the buying software used by purchasing departments of large organisations. This allows suppliers to access this large market sector, and so greatly increase their customer base.

SAP Open catalog Interface (OCI) is a method of connecting a supplier’s online store directly to the special purchasing software used by many large buying organisations. Buyers are able to punch out from the SAP purchasing software into a supplier’s online store, and details of items selected are returned to the purchasing software in a purchase order. This has advantages to the buying organisation, in being able to control spending patterns and costs, and also limit purchases to approved suppliers. It also has advantages for the supplier, in being able to get preferential access to large buying organisations, in addition to cutting error rates, reduced invoice queries and increase sales.

So what do we guarantee you’ll get from catalog 360?

An Efficient Order Process for You & Your Key Customers

  • Reduces Ordering Errors
  • 100% Accurate Contract Pricing
  • Saves Order Processing Costs
  • Eliminates Invoice Queries for Faster Settlement
  • Improves Key Customer Retention

catalog 360: Ready-to-go PunchOut solution

  • Proven eCommerce platform – since 2000
  • Cloud-based Product Information Manager
  • Customer-specific Products & Pricing
  • Easy-to-use Buyer catalog
  • Low Setup Costs and Subscription
  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • PCI-DSS Compliant Security
  • UK Support Team

catalog 360 provides a cost-effective PunchOut solution to fit your needs.

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