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Approval Chains

A Procurement Approval System should deliver spend control without becoming a barrier to efficiency. Catalog360 offers a flexible approvals workflow engine that makes it simple to implement an approval chain. An approval chain can be applied to requisitions, invoices or catalogue updates. Approvers can decline or approve directly via email or from a smart phone […]

Join circle360!

Now it is easier than ever to join circle360 and benefit from the network of businesses onboard. Check out our instructional video to see how simple it is to sign up to the circle360. Click Here for more details. Join circle360!

The catalog360 Learning Center has been launched!

    The catalog360 Learning Center has been created to ensure that all of our users achieve maximum success as quickly as possible. The Learning Center will give you access to easy to follow self-paced learning modules and useful guides to help you get the most out of the catalog360 solution. Register FREE today and take a look […]

Further Updates to the SiteSphere API

We are pleased to announce the release of the next version of our SiteSphere API. The SiteSphere API provides any third party system (e.g. Microsoft, SAP or Oracle) secured access to your SiteSphere account data. We have recently launched v1.007 of the API featuring new Web Services and REST-based interfaces which enable your SiteSphere content […]

Excel Manager Spreadsheet Update

We have recently updated our popular macro-enabled Excel Manager spreadsheet which allows you to bulk update your product data. The Items & Variants spreadsheets now include columns for Minimum & Maximum Order Quantities, Unit Size and Normal Lead Time (days). The Settings spreadsheet now also has an option to enable the use of SSL certificates […]

Sending an email broadcast

SiteSphere has so many good features that sometimes we forget what it can do. By highlighting an existing feature every now and then we hope it helps you to make the most of your SiteSphere subscription. So to kick things off we’re going to talk about Email Broadcasts. SiteSphere allows you to send a broadcast […]

UK VAT Rate adjustments

The standard VAT rate in the UK has risen from 17.5% to 20% today, Jan 4, 2011. Your SiteSphere tax rate settings were automatically adjusted if you were using the old VAT rate for UK sales. Happy New Year to all our users.

SiteSphere and OpenID

Would YOU like your website to support OpenID? Yes, but what is OpenID we hear you ask? We’re glad you asked as an OpenID-enabled website means: One login, many sites An OpenID is a single username and password that allows you login to any OpenID-enabled site. OpenID makes remembering different usernames and passwords for different […]

SiteSphere Cloud Publishing

Serve your web pages from cloud-based servers Use static snapshots of your website to improve performance using SiteSphere’s RapidServe technology Publish live and test sites to cloud-based servers via our secure FTP services RapidServe even supports static and partially dynamic websites (ecommerce stores) Take advantage of limitless scaling and load-balancing using the latest CDN’s (Content […]

SiteSphere LDAP Integration

Log users into SiteSphere using your LDAP-compatible enterprise directory Allow the users from your website partners to be registered on your internal LDAP-compatible directory, such as Active Directory Provides enterprise-level authentication behind your firewall SiteSphere now enables users to login using your company’s address book held in any LDAP-compatible directory. Many organisations use a shared […]