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Catalog360 is a cloud-based procurement tool for all your buying needs. With advanced catalogue searching it gives you the control on spend across all business units and locations.

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About Catalog360

Catalog360 is a UK-based SaaS / cloud solution provider. Our company, established in 1995, located in Birmingham, UK from where we serve our customers worldwide across diverse sectors such as healthcare, hire sector, construction and hospitality. Catalog360 aggregates buying power and significantly reduces administration costs.

Catalog360 is owned by HealthTrust Europe providing a radically streamlined e-Procurement platform to our healthcare customers. Connecting healthcare providers with market-leading and clinically led supplier communities, who are checked for quality, safety, service and price. That means it is now easier than ever for our customers to access the best products, for the right prices.

Established and Trusted

As Catalog360 is owned by HealthTrust Europe it benefits from a wealth of knowledge, products and purchasing power from it’s ownership structure. HealthTrust Europe LLP is part of HCA Healthcare, a leading healthcare organisation. HCA Healthcare is composed of 185 hospitals and 1800 sites of care in 21 states and the United Kingdom, and employs 249,000 people globally. HCA Healthcare UK operates as the UK arm of HCA Healthcare and is the country’s largest provider of privately funded care. HealthTrust is a subsidiary of HCA Healthcare in the United States and operates as a Total Spend Management solutions company for healthcare providers, including HCA Healthcare. Globally, HealthTrust serves approximately 1,500 hospitals and health systems and more than 32,500 alternate care sites leveraging $39B of spend to negotiate cost saving opportunities and best terms for its members.

Leadership Team

Scottie Lambright

Vivek Jain


We Make The Difference

The cloud based solution is the complete e-Procurement platform used by many of our customers currently. The product lends itself beautifully to any customer who wants to maintain their Contracts and items in an electronic format for their users to purchase directly from the system.

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