Our Catalog360 supplier portal is a FREE B2B network that enables you as the supplier to sell your products and services directly to buyers.

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Joining Catalog360 as a supplier could not be simpler, just complete the short form. You will instantly receive a confirmation email that leads to your own portal where you can complete your company profile and load your catalogue. Giving you access to our expanding customer base from Healthcare, Hire Firms, Construction, Plumbing, Private Equity Firms and Hospitality. Using Catalog360. Need PEPPOL compliancy, or direct EDI connections? We partner with Pagero to ensure a smooth journey

Using the Supplier portal will allow you to confirm orders, add shipping charges, respond to quotes, notify a customer of a shipment and upload invoices directly to the customer

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Question & Answer

What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL is a set of specifications maintained by the OpenPEPPOL non-profit organisation with the aim of standardizing cross-border, electronically supported procurement procedures. It features, among other things, electronic invoicing.

PEPPOL is an international e-Procurement network that allows you to safely send and receive documents electronically to and from companies and governments that are connected to the network.  

The NHS in England has mandated the use of PEPPOL for the transfer of business documents (eOrdering, eInvoicing, electronic Credit Notes and Advance Shipping Notifications) between NHS Trusts and their suppliers.

How can catalog360 help Suppliers be compliant?

Being part of our supplier community is free. Suppliers can register to view documents sent from our Catalog360 portal users. If you need to be PEPPOL Compliant to be part of the larger e-Procurement network please contact us to discuss connectivity to an access point.

Why do I need PEPPOL compliance?

Public procurement tenders mandate compliance with PEPPOL. Using Catalog360 will ensure you meet this important requirement.