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Catalog360 provides you with the ability to browse catalogued products, purchase and monitor the whole procurement process in one place.

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Smart Procurement Assured

Procurement can be a complex and confusing process, often faced with an extensive range of similar products and services from a breadth of suppliers. It can be challenging to keep track, and hard to know whether your organisation is using the best products and services at the best prices on the market.

Benefits buyers can expect by choosing Catalog360

  • Access to over 300,000 products

  • All your needs from an intuitive cloud platform, anytime

  • Cloud based means a quick implementation with little training required for end users

  • Radically streamlines the procurement process

  • Significantly reduces administration costs

  • Aggregated buying power

  • Shifting to e-Procurement is great for the environment

  • Fully PEPPOL Compliant

  • Enhance security and compliance by moving to Catalog360

  • 24 hour access to your contracts at the click of a button

  • Complete control and audit means no lost paperwork

  • Ensure you’re always getting the best value for money with our price comparison tool

  • Centrally managed up to date content

  • Configurable approval workflows to suit any business need

  • Spend Analytic dashboards for complete view on business spending trends

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