What is EDI?

An EDI (electronic data interchange) service gives businesses a standard format for exchanging information from one organisation to another.
To manage order and pay your suppliers on time Organisations often use EDI to maximise efficiency and minimise errors.
Communication is the key to successful e-procurement and asset management. In the early days the American National Standards Institute published ITS x12 (ANSI X12) standards for Electronic Data interchange (EDI) which them sparked the Europeans to introduce a similar standards called EDIFACT.
EDI helps to increase speed, accuracy and ensures there are no lost orders or invoices.

A full EDI system such as catalog360 can automate the whole Data exchange process ensuring complete audit throughout, populate orders and invoices directly into the Organisations ERP system or accounting software and checking for any errors by providing transaction sent and received notifications.

We reduce manual data errors – saving time, any late payment penalties and lost post. This helps manage inventory management, streamlining your Organisations processes even further.