What are Group Purchasing Organisations (GPOs)?

Group Purchasing Organisations are third-party entities that negotiate purchasing agreements with suppliers on behalf of their members. By pooling the purchasing power of their members, GPOs are able to negotiate better pricing and contract terms than individual businesses would be able to achieve on their own.

GPOs are commonly used in industries such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Construction, Housing, and manufacturing, where the cost of goods and services can be high and purchasing decisions can be complex. However, GPOs are not limited to these industries and can benefit any business that requires the procurement of goods and services.

Benefits of Using a Group Purchasing Organisation

There are many benefits to using a GPO, including:

  • Cost savings: By negotiating purchasing agreements on behalf of their members, GPOs are able to achieve lower pricing than individual businesses would be able to achieve on their own.
  • Time savings: Using a GPO can reduce the time and effort required to research and negotiate purchasing agreements, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.
  • Access to a wider range of suppliers: GPOs often have established relationships with a wide range of suppliers, giving businesses access to a greater selection of goods and services.
  • Improved contract terms: GPOs are able to negotiate favourable contract terms, such as payment and delivery terms, on behalf of their members.
  • Professional expertise: GPOs have purchasing experts who are experienced in negotiating purchasing agreements and can provide guidance and support to businesses.

Choosing the Right Group Purchasing Organisation

When choosing a GPO, it is important to consider factors such as the industry focus of the GPO, the range of suppliers it works with, and the level of support and expertise it can provide.

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