Catalog360 supports NHS customers facing severe supply chain disruption

Catalog360 is an innovative, cloud-based, e-procurement system designed by HealthTrust Europe to connect healthcare providers with market-leading and clinically led supplier communities, using an on-demand catalogue system. Following a recent issue in the e-Procurement market that has affected some NHS customers to access vital healthcare products, the Catalog360 system is on hand to support all NHS customers – existing or new – with their e-procurement needs, ensuring the continuation of seamless healthcare.
Our easy to operate and intuitive user interface makes it simple for customers to navigate the platform, with users needing little to no training to be able to utilise its benefits. At the touch of a button, existing customers can access a whole host of goods and services to support the delivery of exceptional healthcare. For our new customers, onboarding is quick and easy – as soon as your catalogue is set up, you can enjoy the extensive benefits of our cloud-based platform.
The Catalog360 platform offers a single purchasing portal for all purchasing needs, and even centralises all active contracts in one easy to access place; shifting to a paperless system is made easier than ever, and the cloud storage system means users can have full confidence in the security of documentation. In a digital age, storing data on cloud-based platforms is not only the easier option, but also the safer and more secure option. Whilst traditional procurement relies on paper filing systems, e-Procurement centralises files on an online database, simplifying the process of filtering and sorting files to greatly reduce the administrative burden. As with every benefit of e-Procurement, the increased protection of supply chains under this system operates to bolster supply chains.
The contemporary digital system also offers a search tool, allowing users to identify the goods and services quickly and easily they need in a completely transparent way. Catalog360 assures users that they are accessing only the best value products using the price comparison tool, enabling organisations to make cost-saving decisions without compromising on quality.
The Content Management Services embedded within Catalog360 are centrally managed and continually updated, removing the need for individual organisations to have to contact suppliers for updates. This significantly enhances efficiency at all levels, generating huge time savings for both suppliers and organisations, whilst making it even easier to get the right answers when you need them. Offering a compliant route to market for thousands of contracts where required, including PEPPOL Integration, users are guaranteed to purchase using only verified routes to market.
With more than 1,000,000 items that are vendor supplied, validated and cleansed, as well as access to contracts that are clinically led and checked for quality, safety, service and price, Catalog360 is at the cutting-edge of procurement.
If you are interested in becoming a Catalog360 member, or if you would like to learn more about our innovative platform, you can be in touch with our dedicated customers care team via 0845 887 5000 or You can also find out more on the Catalog360 website.